Hotels in Galway buck national trend

The latest industry report from City Occupancy Hotel Index and Savills shows that in 2010 the hotels in Galway managed to charge more per room than any other city in Ireland and that hoteliers in the city outperformed everywhere else in the country, benefiting from what could almost be termed a mini ‘boom’. The report also found that, on average, Galway was the most expensive city to get a hotel room in last year achieving the highest average room rates in Ireland of €87 per person which actually represented a 6% premium on the average price of hotels in Dublin.

However, Paul Gill, Chairman of the Galway Branch of the Irish Hotels Federation sounded a more cautious note and said that the headline figures did not tell the whole story and that the figures were somewhat skewed due to the fact that only 15 out of the 45 hotels in Galway are included in the Index, whereas all 200 Dublin hotels are taken into account. As the figures included the higher-end Galway hotels this would obviously push the average price a bit higher. Mr Gill, who owns the Claregalway hotel located just outside the city, indicated that in reality rates in 2010 were still down between 30% and 50% from their 2007 peak. But he did say that there was still demand for rooms throughout 2010 in Galway and the city had managed to perform a lot better than many other cities in Ireland.

The Hotels in Galway are working with Failte Ireland to make Galway a ‘City of Excellence’. The strategy involves the café owners, shopkeepers, restauarateurs and other service industries working to keep Galway a prime destination and to ensure there is accommodation available in the city to cater for every price range. The strategy appears to be paying off and Mr Gill concluded, “Galway did outperform the rest of the country and rates did hold within the city, so the demand for rooms was there”.