Recent developments in Galway hotel sector

The Clayton Hotel in the Ballybrit area of Galway was recently acquired by Irish hotel group Dalata. The hotel was acquired as part of a €31.7 million deal that also included Whites Hotel in Wexford. Previous to the completion of the purchase both hotels had already been operated by Dalata under a management contract since 2009.

A favourite with racing fans, the Clayton Hotel is located close to the Ballybrit Racecourse on the outskirts of Galway city centre. The four-star hotel has 195 rooms as well as a restaurant, the Enclosure bar and conference facilities. The recreation center has a swimming pool, sauna and steam room.

Dalata chief executive Pat McCann said: “We are delighted to have secured the Clayton Hotel in Galway and Whites Hotel in Wexford. We look forward to continuing our work with the management and staff at both properties to realise the full potential of both hotels in the years ahead.”

It was also recently announced that the Glenlo Abbey Hotel has appointed Rory O’Sullivan as general manager. A native of Kenmare, Rory has previously worked alongside the Brennan Brothers of the ‘At Your Service’ programme as general manager of the five-star Park Hotel in Kenmare.

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Practice your Irish in a Galway hotel

The city of Galway has long been associated with the use of the Irish language and it is estimated that around 10 per cent of Galway’s population are Irish speakers. Galway city is to be found right on the doorstep of two of the most active Irish speaking areas in Ireland, the Connamara Gaeltacht and the Aran Islands. The word ‘Gaeltacht’ is used to describe an area where the majority of residents still use the Irish language in everyday conversation.

Irish music, theatre and television and radio production form an integral part of the cultural life of Galway. One organisation that strives to promote a bilingual atmosphere in Galway is Gaillimh le Gaeilge. Set up in 1987, one of the aims is to develop the Irish language as an economic resource for the Galway area. Gaillimh le Gaeilge works with Galway City Council and Galway Chamber of Commerce to develop Galway’s unique Irish image and promote Galway city as the ‘Bilingual Capital of Ireland’. The organisation has also been encouraging the use of Irish in local businesses and, as a result, there is now hardly any street in Galway that does not have a number of businesses featuring Irish only or bilingual signage. Indeed, some of Galway’s supermarkets now carry bilingual signs and in some...Click to read more about Uncategorized

Galway hotel owner attacks roundabout proposals

The owner of a well-known Galway hotel has slammed plans for proposed changes to a major roundabout in the city insisting that it would be “massively devastating” for his hotel business.

In May officials from Galway City Council presented plans for changes to the Kirwan roundabout which proposed the current five lanes be reduced to four and the exit at the Menlo Park Hotel or the Liosbán Industrial Estate be excluded. However, many residents and businesses located in the Menlo area have raised objections to the proposed changes insisting jobs will be put at risk and that major inconveniences will result from the proposed works. In an interview this week the owner of the Menlo Park Hotel, John Francis, said Galway City Council were using “divide and conquer” tactics by placing the residents of Menlo against the businesses based in the Liosbán Industrial Estate.  In a report in a local Galway newspaper Mr Francis said the process was unfair, highlighting that no approaches had been made by city officials to the management of the Menlo Park Hotel. Mr Francis is reported to have said: “It seems like the path of least resistance to them is to go straight to CPO rather than talk about...Click to read more about Uncategorized

County Galway hotel offered for sale

A quaint hotel, located in the picturesque town of Kinvara in south county Galway near the border of county Clare, has just recently been put up for sale. The Merriman Hotel will be offered by auctioneers O’Donnellan & Joyce at 3pm on Friday 25th May in the Victoria Hotel in Galway city. The Merriman is expected to have an Advised Minimum Value (AMV) of €400,000.

The 32 bedroom hotel is located right on Kinvara main street. The town of Kinvara is one of the main tourist attractions in County Galway and can be considered as a gateway to neighbouring county Clare. Kinvara main street is part of the busy N67 road which brings hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to two of the most famous tourist attractions in Ireland, namely the Burren and the cliffs of Moher. The Burren, (coming from the Irish Boireann), meaning great rock, is one of the largest karst-stone landscapes anywhere in Europe. The area is a National Park and, along with the cliffs of Moher, forms an almost obligatory pilgrimage for any tourist visiting the west of Ireland.

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April food festival to provide boost for Galway hotels

The already vibrant festival scene in Galway is to gain another new addition this year. This week saw the launch of the Galway Food Festival which will run from 6th April to 8thof April 2012. This latest festival is aimed at promoting both good food and the many good food outlets to be found in Galway city and the surrounding areas. The festival hopes to highlight the many good food producers based in Galway and the west and is sure to attract many visitors to the city and its many quality hotels.

The event will be a city-wide festival involving many restaurants, hotels and other food outlets in the city. There will be many activities for guests to take part in like restaurant trails, cookery workshops and demonstrations as well as cookery competitions with renowned Galway chefs and other personalities. Various ‘Know Your Vines’ workshops involving industry experts will be held as well as tours to local artisan food producers and open air food markets including the well-known Galway Market.

Dave Keogh, chairman of the Latin Quarter, welcomed the announcement of this latest festival: “Galway is synonymous with good food, award-winning restaurants and great festivals. The city is renowned for its high number and quality of restaurants and it is important...Click to read more about Uncategorized